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Winter Preparation: Get Your Car Winter Ready

Winter Preparation

Winter can be tough on your car. Winter elements take a toll on your car which is why winter preparation is crucial.  Being prepared can make all the difference when something goes wrong while traveling on a cold winter day. Here’s a handy checklist to get your car ready for winter. Get Your Car Winter Ready Checklist Test…

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Vehicle Safety Technology

Vehicle Safety Technology

Vehicle Technology that keeps us safe. We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, roughly 17,600 minutes each year, according to an AAA survey. A number of safety technologies make driving safer than its ever been. Hands-free connectivity, collision warnings, backup cameras and driver assist are a few features that drivers should be thankful…

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Cabin Air Filter; Missed and Forgotten Maintenance

Important Role of Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter: The Middle Child of Vehicle Maintenance When you have a vehicle there are a lot of components and parts that need to be maintained. So it’s no surprise that some parts may be forgotten about or missed. However, that doesn’t make them any less important. Often-overlooked is your cars cabin air filter. Crucial…

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Tips to Protect Your Vehicle from Summer Damage

Tips to Keep Your Car Cool for The Summer With temperatures soaring over 80 degrees last week, the summer heat is taking its toll on everybody. But it’s not just you the heat is taking its toll on; hot weather can also be problematic for your vehicle. The excessive heat can cause a multitude of…

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