Not sure when to change your brakes? Here are some indicators.

Here are some quick tips about when you need to change your brakes.

No one wants the horrible experience of their brakes not working and their vehicle not stopping.  The best way to avoid unnecessary accidents is to make sure your brakes are in good working order.  Unlike an oil change or a tire rotation there is no hard and fast rule about when you need a brake job.  A lot of this depends on how you drive and where you drive.  Someone doing a lot of local driving with lots of starts and stops will need a brake job sooner than driving primarily on a highway.  Some vehicles have brake monitoring systems and if your brake light comes on it should be checked immediately.

However, if you don’t have a monitoring system the best way to know if you are due for a brake job is to listen and feel for it.  Then a technician can confirm the status of your brakes.

Here are some clues to monitor your brakes:

  • When you press the brake it goes down closer to the floor
  • You feel a pulsating when you press the brake
  • There is a crunching or grinding sound when you engage your brakes
  • You hear a loud metal squeaking sound.
  • It takes longer to stop the vehicle

If you notice any of these symptoms bring your vehicle in for an inspection.  We suggest having your brakes checked at the same time as having your tires rotated.  Star Auto is right on Route 5 in Meriden near the Wallingford border easily located for you to stop by and we can take a look.

Star Auto Sales Meriden Brakes

Before and after on a set of rotors

Star Auto Sales brake job

Before and after brake pads at Star Auto Sales

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