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Visit Your Parks- near and far

Summer is officially here and so is vacation season.  This is the perfect time to explore your Local, State and National Parks.  Experiencing nature is an ideal way to relax from a busy week, bond with family and friends and find a greater appreciation for the world around us.

This year the National Park Service is celebrating its Centennial.  There are a variety of events scheduled throughout the country designed to introduce people to various National Parks and the experiences they offer.  From mountains to monuments and seashores to battlefields our National Parks enrich our lives, teach us about our past and offer us a glimpse of the natural beauty of our landscape.

Here is a link to the National Parks found right here in Connecticut.  There is also a great way to get to know our National Parks and the National Park Service through their Centennial year initiative at:

Enjoy hitting the road this summer and taking in the wonders of our country.

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