Tire Rotation – Why and When

Do you ever wonder when you need a tire rotation?

At Star Auto Sales we love saving you money. We would much rather see our customers spend small amounts on maintenance then big money on repairs. When it comes to maintenance it is always good to check your owner’s manual. Every car is different and has specific needs.

That being said a good rule of thumb for tire rotation is every 7500 miles (plan for every other oil change). On Front Wheel Drive vehicles the front wheels do most of the work turning. So by rotating the tires between front and back it will help wear the tires more evenly. All Wheel Drive vehicles need regular rotations too.

There are lots of places in Meriden, CT to get a tire rotation but ours only costs $15.55. New tires cost hundreds of dollars. This is an easy, inexpensive maintenance action that can save you money. It also allows a technician to examine your tires to makes sure there aren’t other problems with your suspension.

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