Ready To Take ‘New’ Car Home
Vehicle Purchase
March 13, 2016

We were pleasantly surprised to discover Star Auto Sales in Meriden CT, and purchased a nice vehicle that was just 3 years old with very low miles. The salesman was very nice. We researched the vehicle’s data online, and found it to be quite a good value with just 1 previous owner. We were instructed to take possession of the car in 2 days after it was ‘inspected, needing any final repairs, and cleaned’. On the day of pick-up, we were facing 3 issues of concern – 2 which had us go immediately to the service shop before we were able to leave with the ‘new’ car: both an outside rear reflector shield and the left sidewall shell of the passenger seat were broken. The shop clerk was gracious enough, and ordered replacement for the reflector, but when a service technician supposedly repaired the seat sidewall (within 2 min. by just clipping one part of it, it was still protruding from beneath the seat – momentarily popping off (A phone call was made – service clerk acknowledged and noted). We also discovered 2 miles away from the dealership that the gas tank was nearly empty after a warning light lit up…first time we ever bought a car where the dealership didn’t provide a full gas tank. We still recommend this dealership, but be scrutinizing of the car you purchase and inspect carefully before you drive it away.