No Pressure Buying Experience
Vehicle Purchase
May 20, 2018

Thanks for the awesome no pressure buying experience.

The week before we were literally chased through the lot at another Dealership in town, after telling them we would like to look without being bothered. It was nice to be able to walk through the lot at Star Auto without someone breathing down your neck.

We were given the keys to the car I was interested in and told to enjoy and off we went. Car was running low on gas and we wanted to go on the highway, so we returned to lot and they without hesitation went and filled up the tank so we can continue our test drive.
Even though it was past closing by this time, they not once said its late and we are closing. Now that’s how you do business.

Thanks to Steve and Gary who were more than helpful during the whole process.

Would definitely recommend Star Auto for your next car buying experience.