I Couldn’t be More Happy with the Way Things Went
Vehicle Purchase
April 7, 2018

After searching online for days I found Star Auto Sales and they had the exact 4runner I wanted at the perfect price. I was extremely hesitant to buy a used car that wasn’t a big name dealer lot, this was my first time buying a car without having my dad do all of the talking. After going to a local Toyota dealership and having a headache within 5 minutes of walking in and trying to be sold a car that I’m 95%sure had something wrong with it I was even more hesitant to come to a used car lot. Boy was I proven wrong. Before making the drive out I researched them online and saw the reviews on every site, 4-5 stars… Everywhere!! People only review when they’re mad or over the moon in happiness. Well, I’m over the moon. I went in to test drive with a friend, was handed the keys and hit the road, no pre ‘pep talk’ pushy sales pitch was given, the hesitation quickly went away. LIZA was very relaxed and didn’t BS her way to a sale. I knew what the carfax said and she went over it with me again while explaining the service shop does a 120 point check of cars that are for sale on the lot. Way more than the Toyota dealership could tell me. I was given a quote for my trade in that was lower than Toyota but I know why Toyota was trying to play into getting me in the car. The quote was extremely fair and I knew it, they have to make a profit somewhere. GARY, the manager, was sitting at the desk also helping out and very kind. Liza, Gary, and I reached a deal… And QUICK, but not the quickness that leaves you walking away questioning everything. The next day I drove out again to pick up the car that they had detailed and she was beautiful! On the second day I went in and signed the paperwork with Gary and did not feel like I was getting screwed. He was very good at explaining all of the paperwork, completed inspections, and warranties. I am active duty military and will be moving before the warranty is up so we discussed that I can call them if something happened and I’d be taken care of. I see the few complaints people do have are on financing. I walked in with a check from my bank and did not have to deal with that side of this business. That’s a delicate thing to have to handle when you’re relying on other banks to get you lower rates and trying to make the customer happy while they’re anxiously spending so much money. Being in the military some big businesses see you as a dollar sign and will treat you like a quick sale. There are several dealership we are warned about not going to because they are notorious for shady business practices with military members. Lastly, I’d be happy to pay the dealer fee x5 to stay out of the awful DMV’s of CT. Being military in CT I am offered a lower sales tax that Gary was familiar with and knew how to get the process and paperwork started. That extra paperwork makes it a real pain in the ass when they have to get my registration and for that I’m thankful that I don’t have to deal with it. I was sent home in my new car with dealer tags and they will mail me my plates when they’re ready! Thanks so much Liza and Gary for the awesome experience. I couldn’t be more happy with the way things went. See you guys for my last oil change before I hit the road this summer!! – Molly O.