Great Business to Buy Your Next Vehicle
Vehicle Purchase
November 9, 2019

I am definitely not one to go to a car/truck dealership and get hounded by sharks on a feeding frenzy. I can honestly say that this is NOT a dealership as in the big ones that are out there. We had a great experience buying a car from Star Auto Sales. Liza was beyond patient with our 100 questions and so helpful. She didn’t push the car on us but was happy to get all the car fax information as well as text us information so the bank could do a wire transfer. We got there at 11:15, went over the car, test drove it, went to lunch while waiting for the wire transfer and drove the car home at 4:15 the same day. I will be going back for my next car and highly recommend Star Auto to anyone looking for a great business to buy your next vehicle! 😁