First Class Vehicles and a First Class Staff
Vehicle Purchase
November 14, 2017

Nobody likes dealing with car dealers… Until you go here! No vultures at star auto. First class vehicles and a first class staff. I fell in love with a Honda CRV but thought I’d never get a loan. They got me a loan and i got my car. With my bad credit i have a high interest rate (my fault and knew it was inevitable). Gary the credit manager took the time to give me financial advice to get a lower rate later. Liza makes you feel like you’ve known her forever and i never felt pressured. It was almost uncomfortable how comfortable she and Gary made my experience feel. I guess if i had to complain about something id say they could’ve given the car to me for free but… I’ve driven my car for 2 months and still cant believe its mine and how easy it was to get it! Thank you Star Auto!!!