Are your allergies getting the best of you?

Spring Allergies

Spring allergies have been pretty bad for people in the Connecticut area this season.  Because of the crazy winter and spring weather there has been an overlap of trees, grasses and weeds releasing pollen into the air.

One thing that could help bring relief to spring allergies is to check your vehicle’s cabin air filter.  The cabin air filter cleans the air that comes into your vehicle through air conditioning, heating and ventilation.  It is recommended you replace this filter every year or every 12,000 – 15,000 miles, or check your manual for manufacturer recommendation.

The cabin air filter traps dirt, dust, sand and POLLEN.  This could bring you a little relief for those with spring allergies while you are in your car.  It will also enable your vehicle’s HVAC system to run properly preventing other problems down the road.  The Star Auto Sales service department is happy to replace your cabin air filter.  You can learn more about our award winning service department here.

Also, if you take Allergy medicine be careful driving your car, some of these medicines cause drowsiness and we wouldn’t want to see anyone get in an accident.

When all the pollen has subsided come in for a full detail and we will rid your car of all the pollen and it will look like new!

Here is a great resource to find out what pollen counts are in your area:

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