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Road Trip Car Safety

Buckle Up. There is no debate – seatbelts save lives! Airbags do not take the place of seatbelts. They are designed to supplement the protection that comes from being belted in. Most states and all Canadian provinces require that seatbelts are worn by everyone in the vehicle.

Check your Tires. When checking tire pressures, follow the pressure indicated on the label affixed to your vehicle, not the PSI listed on the tire itself. And don’t forget to check the spare. Never start out on a trip unless your tires are in excellent condition. Before you leave, be sure to stop by and have us check your tires.

Child Safety Seats. Make sure car seats and booster seats are properly installed and that your children are securely strapped in.

Heat. Never leave children or pets in a vehicle during the summer – not even for a minute. Opening a window will not prevent the inside temperature from climbing to life–threatening levels. No matter what the time of year, it is never a good idea to leave children or pets in a car alone.

Weather. Unfortunately, summer fun can be interrupted by stormy weather. Tornadoes and flooding are the two most serious weather threat for travelers, because they can occur suddenly, and the damage they cause is so severe.  Never drive through a flooded area. Only a few inches of water can reduce your control of the vehicle and water sucked into the engine will absolutely ruin your vacation plans.

Never try to outrun a tornado. They can move fast and they take shortcuts that you cannot take. If driving, try to stay at a 90–degree angle to the storm. Pull over when possible and get out of the car. Find a sturdy building and plan to spend some time waiting for the tornado to subside. You might want to have games and books for your children. If there is no building available, find a ditch or low area. Never hide under your car or under a highway overpass.

The best strategy is to stay aware of conditions that may spawn severe weather and avoid driving. Always seek shelter if there is any hint of a twister or flooding.

General Vehicle Condition. You don’t want to worry about your vehicle when you set out to have fun. Bring it in for a checkup before you head to the beach, the mountains, the ballpark, or another favorite destination.

We borrowed this post from our Alldata newsletter.

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