9 Ice Cream Shops in Connecticut Worth Checking Out

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Janine here from Star Auto Sales. I love local ice cream.  In particular ice cream made in smaller batches with unique custom flavors.

There are various maps and lists rolling around the Internet. Friends who know how much I love ice cream will usually pass them on to me. I have noticed some of my favorite ice cream spots missing from those lists. It’s time to shine a light on the ice cream shops I’ve discovered and love.

Obviously where you live will determine where you go for ice cream. If you are like me, you are willing to travel for a creamy delight.

I couldn't get all my favorites on one list so there will have to be a part 2 at some point. Below is a route to get you to these delicious destinations starting at Star Auto Sales in Meriden since we are centrally located.

1.  Praline’s in Wallingford

Praline’s Scoop Shop is right down the street, making them convenient, the ice cream is made in Wallingford with fun flavors cycling in and out for the seasons.  I love that they are open through the winter and they get involved in community events. Check them out here.

2.  Wentworth Homemade Ice Cream in Hamden

Being on Route 10 in Hamden Wentworth’s is perfect after a hike at Sleeping Giant State Park. Just a warning they are not open on Sunday. Check them out here. 

ice cream Arethusa Creamery

3.  Arethusa Farm in Bantam

OMG, this ice cream is amazing. It is “Super Premium” made using milk and cream from their own cows. Sometimes I stick with basic flavors and Arethusa Chocolate is incredible. Check them out here. 

ice cream grassroots Granby CT

4.  Grassroots Ice Cream in Granby

Up in Granby there is a little shop making incredible ice cream. Thick, rich and creamy in unique flavors like Violet or Apricot Almond. Honey Lavender is a favorite of mine. Note: they are not open on Sundays. Check them out here.

ice cream collins creamery

5.  Collins Creamery

The Collins' make ice cream from their own cows.  You can enjoy their ice cream right on the farm everything about it is home made. Check them out here. 

Star Auto Sales- uconn dairy bar

6.  UCONN Dairy Bar

It had been ages since I had ice cream at UCONN and it is just as good as I remembered it. The portions are HUGE! Maybe in my next life I will major in ice cream at UCONN. Check them out here. 

ice cream Frisbie's Dairy Barn

7.  Frisbie's Dairy Barn in New Britain

We found Frisbie's after a local hike. We walked in and realized we knew the owner from years ago. The Dairy Barn is a great set up and good for parties year round. They use real mint in their mint chocolate chip. I had never tasted anything like it.Check them out here. 

Mortensen's Dairy

Mortensen's is not closed; they are still there tucked behind the Mexican restaurant up front. Mortensen’s is still family run after 102 years and make great ice cream with lots of flavors to choose from. I love the Georgia Peach in the summer. Check them out here.

Les’ Dairy Bar

I go to Les’ for soft serve. They have been in business forever and the Meriden community loves them. Check them out here. 

Enjoy and let us know what your favorite ice cream stop is or what your favorite flavor is.  There is plenty of summer left to enjoy cold and cream treats. The next list will focus on ice cream shops on the shore line.

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