At Star Auto Sales we know how important purchasing your next vehicle is and we are committed to making the finance process as easy as possible. For that, we have partnered with a number of banks to provide you with the best financing options available.  We can get an approval no matter what your credit score is.

Our finance staff will work with you to determine what your budget and needs are so you feel confident with your next used car purchase.


Where to begin

Purchasing a new car can be daunting. There are a lot of decisions you have to make and factors to consider. You need to assess what your needs are and how much you can afford. We encourage you to meet with a finance professional to guide you through these steps. 

5 Steps to Purchase and Finance a Used Car

1. Assess your needs and wants.

Determine what you need in a new vehicle so you can separate that from wants. If you have a large family then space may be most important. If you commute to work gas efficiency may be most important.  Vehicles are well equipped and it is easy to get distracted by the bells and whistles and forget what our priorities are. Your new vehicle should be safe and fun to drive. A sales associate can walk you through some of these features and explain the difference.

2. Find out what your credit score is.

How much you will pay monthly on your car loan is largely determined by the interest rate you attain. The lending institution determines the interest rate for the auto loan. It is based on multiple factors: credit score, credit report and history, the vehicle you are buying and the length of time you would like the loan.

The first piece of information is your credit score. Star Auto Sales has a Quick Qualify pre-approval that allows us to check your credit score without affecting your credit report. This provides general information but it is a starting point.  Get Started with Quick Qualify.

3. Fall in love with a vehicle. 

Identify a vehicle you want to purchase. Be sure to test drive it and look it over. Once you have done that you can fill out a credit app with the finance department. 

4. Attain an approval.

Our finance department works with multiple banks, servicing all credit levels. We will go over your options so you can make an informed decision. 

5. Prepare to pick up your new vehicle.

There are a lot of documents you will need to bring with you to take delivery of your new vehicle. Here is additional education on what these items are.  

The bank you are financing with will require various support documentation.

If you are trading a vehicle you will need the title and of course the vehicle. You can read more here about trade vehicles. 

You will need to be current with your property taxes so please check with your town hall if you are unsure of your status. 

This list will get you started however, there is a lot more to read up on. We have additional resources on this website. And our greatest resources are our sales and finance team. Please ask them any questions you may have. 

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