Driving in the Rain

Driving in the Rain

As the rain comes down it is good to practice safe driving!

Spring this year is off to a slow start. It has been cold and rainy but hopefully, temperatures are warming up and we can all enjoy spring. We find when the weather is extreme drivers need to be flexible and adjust what they are doing.  Here are a couple of rainy driving tips to help you out this season. 

Before you hit the road we suggest you check your tire pressure.  We are seeing tire lights coming on with the temperature swings.  This is normal but it is still a good idea to check your air pressure levels.  

Properly inflated tires are essential to safe driving.  You can swing by Star Auto Sales in Meriden and we can check the tire pressure or you can do it yourself with an inexpensive gauge you can purchase and leave in your car.  Here is a video we have to show you how to measure your tire pressure. It is also advisable to have a professional access the tread on your tires.

Now that your tires are good here are a few tips for safe driving in the rain:

  • Turn on your lights.  It is a Connecticut law that you have your headlights on when it is precipitating.  Make it easier for other drivers to see you.
  • Replace your wipers often so they work well.  For just a few dollars this could have the biggest impact.  The change of season is a good time to change your wipers.  At Star Auto our wipers are affordable and we will install them for you.
  • SLOW DOWN.  Did you know you can hydroplane in only 1.5 inches of water?  To stay in control, slow down, don’t use the cruise control and be aware of everyone around you.
  • Be prepared for an emergency.  If you find yourself in a flood area and the car is filling with water you may need to break a window to get out.  Have a window breaking tool accessible.  They cost about $10 and will break a side window so you can get out.  This could save your life.

Keep these tips in mind for rainy day driving so you are safe and avoid unnecessary accidents.  Of course, if you have any questions come by the dealership in Meriden and we can help you out.

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