Do I have to get an oil change?

Yes, you do have to get an oil change.  Changing your oil falls into the routine maintenance category.  Keep in mind if you don’t maintain your vehicle you will then be repairing it and maintaining it costs a lot less.  We want to share with you some of the answers to basic questions people have about engine oil.  This post is talking about regular oil.  We’ll discuss synthetic another time.

Why does my vehicle use oil?

  • Oil allows the engine to work smoothly
  • Prevents the combustion chamber from over heating
  • Prevents the accumulation of carbon and varnishes in the engine

Which oil should I choose?

  • First of all, check your owners manual or the oil reservoir cap that will tell you what kind of oil change you need
  • Oil needs to have the appropriate thickness for your vehicle

How often should I change my oil?

  • Every 3000 miles.  Again, reference your owners manual

What if the oil isn’t changed?

  • Carbon deposits will build forming a sludge in areas such as the crankcase, around the camshafts and valves.  This could be a costly repair
  • The pistons could seize and this will cost even more

Star Auto Sales offers a high quality oil change in Meriden for only $17.85.  This includes 5 quarts of regular oil and a filter.  $20 out the door.  In the image above we removed the dark sludgy oil on the left.  That was all that came out and the customer is lucky there wasn’t damage (yet).  The oil on the right is new.  You can see the difference.

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