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From automatic to manual, count on the professionals at Star Auto Sales for all your transmission repairs. Here are few of the most common transmission services we offer.

Transmission Repair & Replacement

Our automotive technicians are professionals with years of experience and have the right tools and the latest diagnostic equipment to make sure your transmission is diagnosed and serviced correctly at a fair and competitive price.

Driveline Repair & Maintenance

A technician will inspect your vehicle to look for any physical or structural damage, wear and tear, rusting, or breakage to any component of the driveline system. Replacing any component of the driveline that requires it.

Axle Repair & Replacement

Regular axle inspection is key to avoiding more costly repairs down the road. Our technicians can often spot developing issues with a visual inspection. Our auto mechanics will inspect and fix your car's axles.

Clutch Repair & Replacement

If you are having issues with your clutch, one of our service technicians will pinpoint the problem and repair or replace the component whether its a worn out clutch disc, stretched cable controls, or a leak in the hydraulics.

Transmission Fluid Service

Star Auto offers transmission fluid services at affordable prices. An automotive tech will change your vehicle’s transmission fluids and filter as specified by the manufacturer.  Inspect the system to make sure it's working properly.

Flywheel Repair & Replacement

One of our auto mechanics will inspect your car's flywheel looking for damage, cracks and replace if needed. 

Driveshaft & U-Joint Repair

We offer complete driveshaft and U-joint services. Driveshaft assemblies, parts and driveshaft and U-joint replacement.

Transmission Flush

Our service department offers a thorough transmission fluid flush designed to clean the system. A service tech will flush your transmission system and replace virtually all existing fluid with new transmission fluid to manufacturer’s specification.

Differential Diagnosis, Rebuild & Service

One of our professionally trained and certified technicians will perform a complete differential diagnosis to determine the problem. Depending on the issue the tech will either service or repair your vehicle.

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