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 Our professional automotive technicians are certified to diagnose and repair many components in your heating and cooling system including the compressor, thermostat, belts and more. Here are few of the most common air conditioner and heating services we offer.

Heating & Cooling System Diagnostics

Star Auto Sales service department offers a comprehensive heating and cooling system evaluation designed to pinpoint any issues that may exist within your vehicle's system and provide solutions.

Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Worn out serpentine belts, faulty compressor, A/C recharge or a simple O-ring that needs to be replaced, let one of Star Auto's expert tech do a performance test and examine your car's A/C system.  Our automotive technicians understand all aspects of AC repair, from modern computerized components to environmental disposal concerns. A Star Auto Sales service tech will diagnose the issue with your air conditioner and discuss your car A/C repair options.   

Heating System Repair & Service

A Star Auto Sales service tech will diagnose the issue with your heating system and discuss your car heater repair options. Our automotive technicians can repair all of the components of your vehicle's heating system.

Belt Repair & Replacement

One of our expert mechanics can inspect the belt and replace it if necessary. An inspection will help eliminate causes of belt failure other than normal wear and tear

Compressor Repair & Replacement

One of our expert techs will inspect and test your cooling system. If the compressor is found to be faulty, the service tech will remove the refrigerant, then remove the compressor; flush all foreign materials from the A/C System then install a new compressor and recharge the A/C system. Once the job is complete the tech will test for proper operation of A/C system.

Evaporator Repair & Replacement

One of our certified automotive service techs will evacuate the refrigerant for the air conditioning system (which is necessary when performing any repair which involves opening a refrigerant passage in the air conditioning system). Once the system is evacuated, the evaporator coil will be removed and replaced.  A service tech will recharge the A/C and test the system.

Refrigerant Replacement

A Star Auto Service tech will evacuate the refrigerant from the A/C system, vacuum test it, and recharge the air conditioning system using the appropriate refrigerant according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

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