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Regular maintenance will maximize the life and performance of your vehicle, here are a few of the most common services we offer.

Oil Change

A service tech will change your vehicle's motor oil using full synthetic oil, synthetic blend or high mileage motor oil, depending on your vehicle and replace and recycle your cars used oil and oil filter.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Most automobile manufacturers recommend that you schedule maintenance at various intervals.

Our automotive service techs are trained in full inspections, part replacements, recalibrations, and more, all designed to extend the life and optimize the performance of the vehicle.

Connecticut Emission Repairs

Our automotive service technicians are certified and skilled to repair vehicles that failed Connecticut emission testing.

Tune-Ups and Spark Plugs
Regular engine tune-ups keep your car running efficiently. One of our automotive service techs will visually inspect all of your engine components and install new parts (including spark plugs and fuel filters) as needed.
Filter Replacement

To keep your car performing at its best a service tech will check your vehicles cabin air filter, fuel filter, and transmission filter and replace with new filters if needed.

Windshields and Wiper Blades

A service technician will select ideal wipers for your vehicle and replace the old wipers. After replacing the windshield wipers, the technician will top off your washer fluid and test the functionality of the system.

Trip and Safety Inspections

 One of our service experts will perform a thorough inspection of your car to make sure all of its parts are in working order before your trip. Pre-Trip inspections include tire inspection, tire pressure check, inspection of front-end components, visual battery inspection, visual inspection of brake components.


When you need one or more of your vehicle fluids replaced, come to Star Auto Sales for our expert service and great prices. Our expert service techs will top off or replace your vehicles power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid, oil and transmission fluid.

Dashboard lights

If an indicator light on your dash is on, visit our service department. Our service techs will diagnose exactly what's wrong with your car and offer affordable repairs.

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