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Our technicians are highly knowledgeable in the inspection, maintenance, and replacement of automotive batteries on all makes and models.

Battery Inspection

A technician will inspect the battery, battery cables, and terminals. Clean the battery surface and terminals and perform an open circuit voltage and load test.

Battery Diagnostic

We will test your battery and charging system components. If replacement or repair is needed we will recommend affordable solutions.

Battery Replacement

Remove the old battery and clean debris from the battery holder. Install new battery, properly tighten cables and hold-down clamps to ensure battery will not move. Properly recycle old battery.

Vehicle Battery Cables and Terminals Replacement

Remove broken/corroded battery cables and terminals. Clean debris from the battery terminals. Install new battery cables and terminals.

Battery Terminal Cleaning

Clean corrosion from battery terminals and cable ends.

If your vehicle won't start and you need to jump start it, we have put together a video on our blog to show you how. >>Jump Start Video

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