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7 Reasons to Love Your Car on Valentine’s Day

1. Your car protects you Your car is a set of body armor on wheels. Could you imagine flying through the air at 70 MPH without the protective shell of your auto interior? You would be as dead as a bug on your windshield. 2. Your car helps you earn a living Let’s face it;…

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Meet Chris Nolan

Chris Nolan Star Auto Sales

What is your job title here at Star Auto Sales? I am a service advisor. My job is to satisfy the needs and wants of customers that come through the door. How long have you worked here? In March 2018 it will be four years. It has been my longest job. When I find something…

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Dashboard Warning Lights

dashboard warning lights

Car dashboard warning lights are a key component of your cars communication system. Do your dashboard warning light confuse you? Is your check engine light flashing red? Has your yellow TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) light come on after a cold night? Here’s a guide to help you understand the different color code of dashboard…

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Winter Travel Tips

Winter Driver Safety

Winter is firmly upon us here in New England. Does the thought of being stuck in traffic or driving into wintery weather cause you to feel panicked?  Here are a few winter driver safety tips to get you and your family to your destination safely, whether you’re driving right down the street or several hours away.…

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Winter Service Tips to Ready Your Car for the Season

Winter Service

Winter time can be really hard on your vehicle. The cold and ice and hard driving conditions can push your vehicle over the edge if it has not been maintained properly. Below is a list of 12 winter service tips you can take to avoid being stuck on the side of the road when the…

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