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9 Ice Cream Shops in Connecticut Worth Checking Out

Star Auto Sales-Used Cars Meriden- Ice Cream Route Connecticut

Janine here from Star Auto Sales. I love local ice cream.  In particular ice cream made in smaller batches with unique custom flavors. There are various maps and lists rolling around the Internet. Friends who know how much I love ice cream will usually pass them on to me. I have noticed some of my…

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Repair your Credit BEFORE you Finance a Car

repair your credit

Repair your Credit BEFORE buying your next vehicle If you repair your credit before purchasing a car you will have more options when it comes time to buy. The majority of people do not purchase a car outright with cash usually they have to finance the vehicle with a bank. This can be done on…

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Three Important Tips for First Time Buyers

used cars Meriden - tips for first time buyer

Important Purchase Tips for First Time Buyers This time of year a lot of first time buyers come in to purchase their first car. Some are recent college graduates heading out to their new career. Others are new drivers still in high school. With the unique challenges first time buyers face when buying a car…

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June 14th is Flag Day

Flag Day

If you have been to Star Auto Sales you will see a lot of American Flags flying. Right now we have 71 American Flags. One on all 70 vehicles and the flag in our show room. On June 14, 1777 the Continental Congress adopted a flag with 13 white stars, one representing each state, in…

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Are your allergies getting the best of you?

Spring Allergies

Spring allergies have been pretty bad for people in the Connecticut area this season.  Because of the crazy winter and spring weather there has been an overlap of trees, grasses and weeds releasing pollen into the air. One thing that could help bring relief to spring allergies is to check your vehicle’s cabin air filter.  The…

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