7 Reasons to Love Your Car on Valentine’s Day

1. Your car protects you

Your car is a set of body armor on wheels. Could you imagine flying through the air at 70 MPH without the protective shell of your auto interior? You would be as dead as a bug on your windshield.

2. Your car helps you earn a living

Let's face it; your car makes you look good. But it also brings YOU to work.

3. Your car feels like home

Most of us spend a lot of time in our car and frankly, it feels like home. It's nice to plop down in the driver's seat after a hard day at work, close the door, turn on some tunes and merrily drive home. There's something so satisfying about it, right?

4. Your car is always there when you need it (most of the time)

It's comforting to know that, wherever you go, when you're ready to leave, your car is there waiting for you.

There's nothing like getting stranded to make you appreciate your car. Be proactive with regular maintenance and you'll lessen the chances of getting stuck without it.

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5. Your car gives you a sense of pride

Your car is an extension of you. Pride still matters.

Pride has nothing to do with ego or vanity, far from it. Pride is setting a personal standard, excellence in all things, and holding to that standard.

Pro Tip: Want to show even more love for your car? Keep it looking good. Nothing says, "I take pride in what I do," like a clean car. PS: We have a Detail Dept that’s outstanding!

6. Your car saves you trouble

Without your car, you'd be destined to:

  • Ride the bus
  • Walk
  • Ride a bike
  • Bum a ride
  • Take an Uber

7. Your car provides freedom

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Need to escape? Your trusty car is there, just waiting for you to get in, roll down the windows, and take a drive. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

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